November 23, 2019 inkmagazine

Weekly Roundup


If you’re interested in self reflexive art:

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Hope: This tweet is absolutely hilarious and adorable. I expect everyone to watch it more than once. Warning: It might be stuck in your head for a week or two.


Aamina Palmer: 

If you can, go see Parasite. It’s a great thriller/dark comedy, directed by Bong Joon Ho.





One word resounded in me this week: nuance. It means a subtle difference in or shade of meaning, expression, or sound. Nuance. This is something I want to pursue in all my writing.



this video of badass girls roller-skating: 


Claire: This Instagram account I just found has really beautiful embroidery! @juliecampbellart


Mac: This is one of my favorite short stories.








Join the Freelancer’s Union, it’s free ;000 they have contract templates and other advising documents. Eventually, they can provide health insurance once you’re kicked off your parents’



King Krule released a new video that has 4 new tracks in it. It’s also made by him and his girlfriend…so that’s cute.

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